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Meet Scott. He is an entrepreneur and the CEO & co-owner of Canna Campus. Scott is a passionate cannabis advocate.  On top of working hard to spread the Canna  Campus name... he is the Founder & CEO of the "Cannalytics Research Center & Cannabis Testing Laboratory."

 Scott started his first business at the age of 14. After graduating high school, he went on to study business management, business law and psychology. Scott has extensive experience in unique and innovative industries. His recent activities include working with public officials and the New Jersey Legislative assembly to implement procedures and protocols for the State of New Jersey’s Cannabis testing regulations. 

Scott frequently attends Cannabis related events, trade shows, hearings and meetings at municipal, state and local levels and serves as an Adviser to multiple startup companies within the industry. He has devoted himself to the cannabis industry as he sees the medicinal value of cannabis. Scott ultimately has a great concern for public safety & wellness, along with quality control and regulations currently being defined within the industry.



Rachel is the face you see when you come to Canna Campus. She is the COO & co-owner of Canna Campus.

On a normal day off, she is just a crunchy granola mom of 4 who you can usually find listening to Janice Joplin or chasing her children around. Rachel used to make all of her own beauty products & became so inspired by natural products she started her own natural body-care company. She spent 10 years in nursing doing in-patient hospital care specializing in pediatric ICU and special needs home care. A lifetime Cannabis Advocate and living proof of the health benefits from it.

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Meet Katlynn! From a young age Kate always had a passion for helping people and took great interest in working at jobs that allowed her to do so. Kate is Scott's daughter but it wasn't "Dad" who brought her into the business. I met Kate and knew she was right for the team immediately because of her caring nature and attention to detail.  Over the years, Kate realized that even though some prescription medications may be necessary, there is a natural alternative she wants to help us share with the world... and that is Cannabis. For some people, prescriptions can be costly, ineffective or dangerous. This peaked her interest and pushed her into furthering her career studying the human body and mind. When she began here she knew right away that she would get that opportunity to help people. We are thrilled to have her and hope you help us give her a warm welcome. 


Who are we?

About Us:

My name is Rachel and I want to share some of my history with you. Once upon a time, I was a young girl processing meat with my father in my tutu. Then, of course, if that didn't sound weird enough.. his idea of a good time was being dropped off atop a mountain in a different state, with only a sleeping bag and pocket knife just to see how long it would take to get home. We have chickens and gardens and don't think of food shopping at the grocery store as a means of eating that night. We process our meat and grow our food. So the idea of natural healing is not a new fangled fad. It is a way of living. It is all I know. So when I want almond milk.. I make it. If my kids (we have 4) get the flu, we make elderberry syrup. 

In 2007 I went to nursing school and spent 10 years working in hospitals rehabs and nursing homes. The last 5 years of my career I specialized in Pediatric ICU and Pediatric Home Care. I have watched with my own eyes, mom's begging god to save their children from what might be their child's final seizure. I have watched children and parents be delivered a fatal diagnosis. But most importantly, I have watched CBD oil treat children, save lives, stop those seizures,  get people off of hard drugs, wean from their prescriptions, have a good night sleep and ... my own child begin living without frustration associated with his diagnosis. I, myself, used to spend hundreds of dollars a month on supplements to help treat my crohns disease. 

My goal with Canna Campus is to bring our community closer by offering events and classes that enrich our town and bring awareness to the Cannabis and Hemp Industry. 

When we announced our scheduled Grand Opening, I received an email from a representative of the cancer community thanking us for opening the store. We receive emails daily from customers who tried CBD for the first time and had wonderful experiences.  

Recently we were offered an opportunity to sponsor a local basketball team. So, of course we said yes. We will post pictures from this upcoming season. 

Mission statement – Canna Campus is a natural healing store located conveniently next to the "Bagel Station" on Rt 15 in Sparta, NJ. We sell high quality CBD and a growing variety of natural healing products. Visit us at our shop & make sure to sign up for a yoga class, craft class or reiki attunment. 

We promise to help you with every question you may have. Customers constantly tell us how they felt much better after talking to us and finally being able to openly talk about Cannabis with them. If at anytime, you have a question.. send me an email. or Facebook message me from our Canna Campus  Facebook page.

Hope to see you soon. 

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About Us

Healing without the high


Discovered in 1940, Cannabidiol aka CBD is an extract from the Cannabis plant proven to have significant medical and health benefits. 

We carry high quality, pure, lab tested CBD in the form of oils, gummies, capsules, lotions, candy, coffee and more!

Nature is our inspiration


 At Canna Campus, we want to show you a natural approach to healing and self care.

We find the best CBD and natural healing products out there and run them through a rigorous vetting process to make  sure the quality of the CBD is models our rectitude. 

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We find the purest, highest quality items  from around the globe and bring them to you in one convenient location. 

We are located next to the "Bagel Station" on Rt 15 in Sparta, NJ.

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CBD (Cannabidiol) is a compound from the cannabis plant that is proven to have significant medical and health benefits. 

We offer a large variety of CBD oils, gummies, capsules, syrups, lotions and more!

Industrial Hemp


The Hemp Bill originated in 2014 but did not pass its final amendments till December 2018. 

In a nut shell, the goal of the bill was to remove hemp from being considered a controlled substance and making it an ordinary agricultural commodity. 

Nature's Medicine Cabinet


When you or a member of your family gets a runny nose, a sore throat, aching muscles, a minor burn, or a scraped knee, do you reach for popular over the counter medications? 

You're not alone. Most people do. 

We want to help change that. 

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From the kitchens and farms of our Sussex County local small businesses, we bring you one of a kind products that are wholesome and pure!

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